Commit 0fc87f2c authored by Andrey V.Kosteltsev's avatar Andrey V.Kosteltsev

patch for dialog-1.3.20190728

parent 960d3980
......@@ -129,9 +129,9 @@ CPPFLAGS="${TARGET_INCPATH}"
The original **dialog** sources have some bugs such as memory leaks and also
the **dialog** package doesn't have correct autotools scripts. If you want to
use **libdialog** with **pkgtools** then you have to install the dialog package
with our [patch](doc/dialog/dialog-1.3-20190211.patch). This patch provides
with our [patch](doc/dialog/dialog-1.3-20190728.patch). This patch provides
**dialog.m4** and more convenient **dialog-config** script for
source package.
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