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      Add copyright headers to various files. · 227c7e03
      Ian Campbell authored
      I'd like to package sunxi-tools for Debian and therefore it is important for
      the licensing information to be complete/accurate. I believe the intention was
      for everything here to be GPL2+ by default, since that is the license on every
      file which has one and COPYING contains GPL2.
      Early on the license applied to this repo was GPLv3 however this was changed to
      GPL2+ by Alejandro in 79ea14d4 at which point he had been the only
      This patch adds the standard GPL2+ stanza used already in sunxi-tools.git or
      the MIT license stanza when requested by the copyright holder to various files
      which were missing one as follows:
          According to git all of these were written by Henrik. Copyright years
          according to git. Henrik requested that these be put under an MIT license,
          so that is what has been done.
          According to git all of these were written by Henrik. Copyright years
          according to git. According to Henrik "These linker scripts are all GPLv2+
          as the C / ASM sources they refer to".
          The content of this file was originally added to fel.c (commit
          c71ff92c), which had a GPL2+ stanza at the time, by Eric Molitor and later
          those lines were moved by Alejandro (commit bcde0fc7) into this file.
          I originally added GPL2+ from fel.c and added Eric's copyright with the
          correct year according to git but Eric said "Ack but also would prefer
          MIT/Dual :)", so it has now been changed to MIT.
          Henrik originally added some of these lines to bootinfo.c, along with a
          GPL2+ stanza, in the original version (commit c26e5ff8). Later on
          Alejandro moved them into this file (commit 329a13ed) and added more.
          I've copied the stanza from bootinfo.c and added both copyrights with the
          years according to git. Authors:
            Henrik, who says "OK".
            Alejandro Mery
          GPL2+ with copyrights and years according to git. Authors are:
            Alejandro Mery
            Henrik Nordstrom, who says "Yes"
            Pat Wood, who says "Fine with me"
          Henrik is the primary author, added MIT license on Henrik's request with
          his copyright and years according to git. Authors are:
            Henrik Nordstrom, who says "Yes, that too should be MIT"
            Alejandro Mery (typo fix)
            Michal Suchanek (typo fix)
      Everyone affected by the above is CCd.
      This probably seems pretty obvious to most people, sorry for being so pedantic
      about it. It will save hassel when it comes to getting it into Debian though.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarIan Campbell <ijc@hellion.org.uk>
      Cc: Henrik Nordstrom <henrik@henriknordstrom.net>
      Cc: Eric Molitor <eric@molitor.org>
      Cc: Alejandro Mery <amery@geeks.cl>
      Cc: Pat Wood <Pat.Wood@efi.com>
      Cc: Michal Suchanek <hramrach@gmail.com>
      v2: Gathered feedback from the authors
       - Pat said "Fine with me"
       - Henrik asked that adb-devprobe.sh, fel-gpio and usb-boot be MIT, acked
         *.lds, types.h and Makefile
       - Explicitly listed authors of Makefile and usb-boot
       - Michal Suchanek make a typo fix to usb-boot but wasn't CCd, sorry.
       - Reworded commit message due to some bits now being MIT on request of the
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